Closing Process

Our closing process is a series of steps that need to occur, in order to buy or sell property. We summarized the process and the work we do for you throughout it, so you’ll know what’s happening every step of the way.

What Is Our Closing Process?

Picket Fence A picket fence and a tree.

Under Contract

A buyer and seller agree to a price for a home or piece of property. To formalize the agreement, they sign a contract together.

Searching Title History A magnifying glass closely inspects the ownership history of a piece of property.

Title Search

We’re detectives. We investigate the ownership history of the property, and identify any issues that might get in the way of your purchase, sale, or refinance.

Title Agent and Processor A specialist decicated to resolving any title issues discovered during a purchase of refinance.

Resolve Title Issues

When we find an issue that impacts your purchase, sale, or refinance, we work with lenders, real estate agents, and even other title companies to fix them.

To-Do List An informative list to help residential and commercial customers prepare for their closing.

Prepare for Closing

We partner with you to schedule your closing at a convenient time. Then, we dot our i’s, and cross our t’s, so all your documents are organized and ready for signing at closing.

Receiving a House Key Receiving the keys to a new home at closing or the power to improve an existing home.


We explain all the documents, so everyone understands what’s being signed. Our closing agent (a notary or attorney) makes sure all the paperwork is completed correctly, and notarizes the documents.

Money Is Paid Money is distributed to people and financial institutions who are owed.

Record and Fund

We make sure everyone who’s owed money is paid. Then, we file all documents with the Registry of Deeds, so any change of ownership is made official, legal, and happy.

Your Closing Checklist

We believe your closing should be stress-free. Download the checklist you need, and you’re on your way to a smooth closing.

What You Can Expect at Closing

Closing your purchase, sale, or refinance needs to be straight-forward and understandable.

Meet Your Agent

Handshake Your title company agent, real estate agent, and loan officer greet you at closing.

Meet your closing agent at the scheduled time and place. You might be joined by your real estate agent and loan officer.

Sign Documents

Quill Pen You sign your document as you title company agent guides you.

You need to sign some documents to complete your real estate transaction. Don’t worry though, your closing agent is there to review them with you and answer any questions.


Bottle on Ice You open a bottle of your favorite beverage to celebrate your purchase or refinance.


Thanks for letting us be a part of your purchase, sale, or refinance.